Modern security goes beyond the standard video infrastructure. Today’s advanced technology allows operators to become the eyes and ears of buildings, enabling them to not only protect visitors and assets, but also achieve operational excellence.

Integrate Across Portfolios

Create unique, customized video systems that fit your needs.

Automate Surveillance

Gather intelligence to improve daily tasks and incident response.

Scale to the Cloud

Integrate access to cloud storage for critical video.

Video Solutions for a Safer, Smarter World

When you install a surveillance solution, you are looking for more than visibility. You want to alleviate concern and strengthen peace of mind in the face of day-to-day activities and unforeseen events. To achieve that, your video security system should give you the tools and confidence to protect products, places, and, most importantly, people.

At Vertscend Automation, we are experts at incorporating video surveillance systems into a variety of environments that meet your needs, regardless of location size or safety requirements. Our video surveillance solutions help you maintain visibility across a vast ecosystem, while transforming video into actionable data and ultimately business intelligence. Whether you need to optimize and streamline your current infrastructure or address mission critical situations, we have developed enterprise-wide systems to ensure visibility, command, and control.